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Dabbous photo
Dabbous is one of those restaurants in London, which recently gained huge popularity. If you fancy something special, then this offer is specially designed for you – the spectacular and somewhat industrial surroundings, the taste the delicious dishes – it all will take you into a completely different dimension of culinary delights. Not without a reason Dabbous all the time is gaining a lot of positive feedback and you can read about it in many newspapers. When you also want to find out what exactly is it, then start now by reservation. Unfortunately, often getting to the restaurant within a reasonable period is very difficult, but it is worth trying and call – this effort pays off, because only then you can try these heavenly dishes that await you here. You can also try your luck and come directly to the restaurant – maybe someone just canceled his lunch or dinner?

Restaurant Dabbous was founded by a young chef Oliver Dabbous, who gained his experience at Le Manoir and then at Texture in London. Currently, the restaurant is very popular and that's where it is so hard to get a table. Dabbous consists of two floors. Downstairs is a bar with a wide selection of spirits for every demanding guest, while the upstairs is a dining room. You can immediately notice the unusual design of the whole interior – is dark, murky, but also, in a sense cozy. Guests, like in any good restaurant, can count on exceptional service here. This makes Dabbous a pleasant place to meet with friends or with your family, when you want to break away somewhat from the classic elegance of other popular restaurants in London. This is an experience, which will certainly remember for a long time.

The restaurant's menu consists of a few courses, but all are carefully prepared with the finest ingredients, balanced and enchant with their view. When you want to try out different dishes, use the Tasting Menu. You can order dishes for lunch and for dinner. The menu features dishes such as squid, radishes & toasted buckwheat in a light broth, home-cured goose with fenugreek, moscatel grapes with lovage & almond milk, cheese from the British Isles, baked apple & toasted sourdough, and for dessert a yoghurt sorbet, sorrel, rose petals & fennel pollen or warm beer cake with clotted cream. Unusual combinations and flavors will definitely give you a lot of pleasure during your stay in Dabbous. Of course, you have also a lot of great spirits – wine in particular. The staff will recommend you the best ones.

Dabbous Restaurant is an unique places on the culinary map of London. Although it is not yet as widely known, however, it has a large group of admirers. Wonderful cuisine which is a combination of classic and modern flavors, fine wines, as well as the unusual scenery and atmosphere will surly make your stay in Dabbous memorable. You should find out what the restaurant can offer!

39 Whitfield Street
London WIT 2SF
Tel.: +44 20 7323 1544