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TOP London Pubs
Grenadier photo
The Grenadier Pub is ranked among the most popular and beloved traditional pubs in London. It offers its guests a wide range of delicious dishes and a variety of beers for every occasion. This is a cozy pub with a reputation and rich history, which is an attraction in itself. You will certainly find here something special for yourself to drink and eat and to spend time with your friends or family.

The pub is located near Belgrave Square – a square in central London district of Belgravia in the City of Westminster, south of Hyde Park. In the past, aristocracy lived here, now it is an area with many embassies of countries around the world. This exclusive Belgravia district is located between Grosvenor Place to the east and Ebury Street or Pimlico Street to the south, Sloane Street in the west and Knightsbridge in the north. You can find nearby The Buckingham Palace and many other famous London tourist attractions. In the area of the district, there are four metro stations – Hyde Park Corner, Knightsbridge, Sloane Square and Victoria and also Victoria Station and Victoria Coach Station.

Originally Grenadier Pub was built in 1720 as an Officers Mess for The First Royal Scots Guards. In 1818 it was renamed as The Guardsman Public House, then the name of The Grenadier was used. By locals it is also called Ceric. Currently the pub is visible from afar because of its colorful facade. You can usually find it without a problem.

At The Grenadier Pub you should make a booking first to be sure that the table will be available. On the website you can make a reservation entirely over the Internet. Just indicate the date and time. It is recommended especially on Sundays, when the pub is a lot of visitors and it is difficult to free tables, but better do it anyway.

The Grenadier offers a variety of delicious dishes and beers. You can choose from a wide range of drinks for those who like the classics and want to try something new. Traditional ale awaits and it will please all tastes, also there are other alcohols, such as wine, vodka, whiskey, so everyone will find something for themselves. The Grenadier is also known for its popular Bloody Mary, which is perfectly spiced – you have to try it! Particularly noteworthy is the delicious food. The Grenadier offers traditional British dishes. It is worth visiting because of the best fish and chips in the area. Also try the burgers and steaks. For dessert you can choose a delicious homemade cake – the cakes and pastries here will delight all lovers of sweets.

The Grenadier Pub certainly will appeal to people who like cozy and secluded nooks, to drink good beer and eat something delicious. It enchants with historic atmosphere of the place, its arrangement and has a welcoming and friendly service that always can advise you on what you choose. You will certainly never forget The Grenadier Pub during his stay in London, so do not miss visiting it!

18 Wilton Row
London SW1X 7NR
Tel.: 020 7235 3074