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Lamb & Flag

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Lamb & Flag photo
The Lamb & Flag is one of the best known historic pubs London, which is situated in a picturesque nook of Covent Garden. In the past it was known for its bare-knuckle fighting, now it is a cozy and friendly place where you can eat and drink well. Due to the wide selection of beers and delicious food, a unique atmosphere and friendly service the pub has many satisfied customers and new continuously join them. It gives great fun and joy for every guest, so when you want to visit the historic pub in London, this is a good direction.

Pub is located on the trail of sites that are worth visiting. First information about the pub and its location goes back from 1772 when it was known as The Coopers Arms. In 1833 it was renamed to The Lamb & Flag. Building cricks are fairly new, but cover the walls that reach the beginning of the eighteenth century, which replaced the ones of the seventeenth century. Pub earned its reputation in the nineteenth century – it was known then with bare-knuckle prize fights, which is why it was called The Bucket of Blood.

The Lamb & Flag presents a wide range of delicious specialties – fresh food made with local products and plenty of beers to suit all tastes. Therefore by many it is considered as one of the best places in Covent Garden, where you can eat and drink. Especially noteworthy are traditional real ales. You can sip something both widely known, as well as new or lesser-known beers from local breweries. The choice is very wide. Also in The Lamb & Flag awaits a large collection of whiskey, which is why lovers of this drink will be satisfied for sure.

When it comes to food, in The Lamb & Flag British cuisine with their best treats dominates. These are mainly cooked pub dishes such as burgers made from fresh meat, fish and chips, pies, Scotch eggs. Traditionally on Sunday they are roasts with succulent meat and other specials. For dessert you can order delicious homemade cakes.

Due to the great interest of The Lamb & Flag Pub it is worth to book in advance to make sure that this day a table will be waiting for you. Bookings can be easily carried on the website of the pub. Also, The Lamb & Flag can be a wonderful place to organize meetings with family and friends for birthdays and other celebrations. The Dryden Room They is available, which is considered one of the best venue in Covent Garden for a variety of events. It can accommodate up to 60 people standing and 30 people seated. Lively pub atmosphere and its historic surroundings will charm each of the guests!

The Lamb & Flag is a paramount place for people who want to see what traditional pubs in England look like. His exceptional food and drink are even more enjoyable with the picturesque background of the historic Covent Garden!

Lamb & Flag
Rose Street
London WC2E 9EB
Tel.: 020 7497 9504