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Le Gavroche

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Le Gavroche photo
Le Gavroche, which means The Urchin, is one of the best restaurants operating in London, which was awarded three Michelin stars in the past, now can boast of two stars. It's a place that impresses with its sleek and chic appearance, but the most important are original and unique flavors that await visitors here. It specializes primarily in the classical French haute cuisine. The restaurant's name is taken from the name of Gavroche from the book of Victor Hugo's Les Misérables.

The restaurant is located on the 43 Upper Brook Street in Mayfair. Mayfair in West London is a commercial district where there are many companies, embassies, as well as shops and restaurants. Also an area with a large number of luxury hotels. It is one of the most prestigious areas of London, which is also frequented by tourists. When you want to meet up with your friends or family here, then Le Gavroche is one of the excellent directions - for sure you will be happy, but you must remember to make a reservation in advance. Without it, do not you taste the specialties of Le Gavroche.

Le Gavroche is the first restaurant in the UK, which was awarded at the beginning with one, then two and finally three Michelin stars. It was founded in 1967 by Michel and Albert Roux. Now behind its success stands Michel Roux Jr, who took it from his father in 1991. Since several years Le Gavroche has been offering its guests the best dining experience in exceptional circumstances.

Immediately at Le Gavroche will stun you with its elegant and sublime atmosphere – this is a restaurant that is not without reason called one of the best in London in every respect. The restaurant’s staff is very friendly and helpful, can advise on selecting the appropriate  from the menu and you will be discreetly assisted during the visit. From the moment you enter the restaurant as a guest you will be treated like royalty. This makes a visit to Le Gavroche such a great experience.

The restaurant menu has many unique offers – dishes are prepared with original, fresh and carefully selected ingredients, from which Le Gavroche’s chef prepares unusual compositions. The menu changes frequently due to the availability of seasonal ingredients. The choices are inter alia Cooked Cheese Souffle Double Cream, Var Marinated Salmon with Lemon and Vodka Jelly, Grilled Fillet of Scottish Beef, Wild Mushrooms in Red Wine Shallot Sauce, Stone Bass and Pastilla or Wild Mushrooms and Pastilla, scented with Arabian Spices Fennel, Red Rice and Meat Jus, and for dessert you can order crispy Layers of Pastry, Raspberries and praline or Amedei Chocolate Flavoured Chocolate, Peanut Brittle, Caramel and Banana. In the restaurant guests also have a wide range of the best wines from prestigious vineyards.

Interestingly Le Gavroche is in the Guinness Book of World Records as the restaurant with the most expensive dish on one person. Three of its guests were paid for their food $ 20.945 in 1997, most of which for wines, spirits and cigars.

Le Gavroche
43 Upper Brook St. Marble Arch
London W1K 7QR
Tel.: 020 7408 0881