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This is Maja - 23yr. - £110 ph
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Maja photo
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Maja photo
Maja photo

Age: 23
Nationality: Eastern Europe
Dress Size: 12
Orientation: Bisexual
Bust: 34C
Hair colour: brunette
1 hr from: £110
Add hr from: £100
Overnight: £800

Off came her bra exposing her lovely C cup twins in perfect shape and nipples begging to be sucked. Her surgeon did an amazing job and the tits felt so natural in my hands. Maja moaned as I caressed them and sucked on her nipples. Maja hopped off me and pulled my towel off and begin to caress my cock with her hands. I pulled her panties off exposing her shave and cute pussy. I had to dine on that pussy so I put her on her back and kissed her from head to toe. 
Maja would moan and look at me with those big beautiful brown eyes to urge me on because I was on the right path toward her big O. Maja would shiver and her abs tighten as her orgasm got closer and finally she grabbed my head and her thighs tightened around my head and moaned loudly. Maja then pushed me away because her pussy was very sensitive. Because Maja only arrived 10 days ago her English is just a few words and she said "very good" to me. Maja then grabbed my hard cock with her hands and pumped up and down and then put her mouth on the tip twirling her tongue on the tip.

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