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Millwall Football Club

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Millwall Football Club photo
Millwall Football Club is a professional football club, which is also known under the names The Dockers or The Lions. Their matches are played at the The New Den stadium in Bermondsey. The club performs in League One. Traditional costumes of the team are made up of blue shirts, white shorts and blue leggings, but now the players play their matches dressed only in blue. The current coach is Neil Harris, the president is John Berylson.

The Millwall Football Club was founded by employees of JT Morton. The company has dealt with the delivery of food and was located in the eastern part of London. Then the players had a nickname of The Dockers. Their first match was played in 1885 with Fillebrook from Leytonstone. The first game was lost, but then they won other matches and in the first season were only beaten three times. At that time Millwall Football Club also participated in the Senior Cup Competition and reached the finals of the competition. Also they won the trophy in East London Senior Cup and defended it the following year. After joining the Southern League it also had a lot of success. In the early twentieth century also Millwall won the Western League. Then it joined the Football League and their matches they played on the pitch of the Woolwich Arsenal club.

In later years the club form was poor – in the fifties Millwall Football Club struggled to keep up. It was not until the late sixties when the club began to count in the London and the whole England. One of the best players of the time was Alex Stepney, who was later transferred to Manchester United and reached the European Cup in 1968. In the following years the club fared better – players like Harry Cripps, Derek Poss, Barry Kitchener, Keith Weller and Doug Allder played then. In the eighties the club won the Football League Trophy, won the Second Division and was promoted to the First Division. Then it fell out of the top competition. In recent years it was promoted to the Championship.

The most important successes of Millwall Football Club are a championship in the Football League Second Division, being a three times champion in the Football League Third Division, championship in Football League Fourth Division, the best performance in the UEFA Cup in the first round of 2004-2005 as a team, also it was a finalist and winner of the FA Cup and won in the FA Youth Cup.

The New Den soccer stadium is the main location of the Millwall Football Club, it is situated in London. It was built in 1993. It is located in South Bermondsey, South East London. It can hold up to 20 146 spectators. The stadium can be reached by National Rail to South Bermondsey station. In the area there are no official car parking spaces. Also there are bus stops. The nearest tube station is Canada Water – it is located about 20 minutes from the stadium.