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National Gallery

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The National Gallery is one of the most popular art galleries in London and also throughout the world. It is located in the north of Trafalgar Square. If you are going to go to London, take time to see this place. The building itself and its surroundings may impress, the Trafalgar Square, which is located in a former royal stables, has a beautiful fountain and statues of King George IV, general Havelock and general Napier. Trafalgar Square is a traditional place for meetings and gatherings – political and for New Year's Eve.

In the National Gallery, you can watch a unique art. There are primarily paintings that come from the 1250-1900 period. Particularly it is the rich collection of works by British Impressionists. Together in the gallery located more than 2,300 different works, mainly Western European painters such as Leonardo da Vinci, Rembrandt van Rijn, Vincent van Gogh, Titian, Claude Monet, Diego Velasquez, Pierre-Auguste Renoir, Sandro Botticelli, Jan van Eyck.

Among the most popular paintings in the gallery you can find: Hans Holbein (the younger) – Ambassadors (1533), Raphael – St. Catherine (1507-1508), Pietro Longhi – Exhibition of a Rhinoceros at Venice (ca. 1571), Agnolo Bronzino – Allegory of Time and Love (ca. 1540-1550), Diego Velazquez – Christ in the House of Mary and Martha (probably in 1618), Venus with Mirror, Adriaen van Ostade – Alchemist in the studio (1661), Jan Vermeer van Delft – A Woman Standing at the Virginal (ca. 1670), Vincent van Gogh – Vincent's Chair with his Pipe (1888), Vincent van Gogh – Sunflowers, Paul Cezanne – The Bathers (years 1901-1906), Leonardo da Vinci – Virgin of the Rocks (ca. 1495-1508).

The National Gallery was founded in 1824, and the cause was the purchase of paintings of John Julius Angerstein. After the construction of the gallery, more and more images started to hang on its walls. Place in Trafalgar Square was chosen as the intersection, where the collection would be available both for the rich people traveling in their carriages from the western to the eastern part of the city and for poorer incoming on foot from the eastern part of London. Free admission, easy availability, extended opening hours ensured that this collection will benefit the whole of society. August 23 1939 the National Gallery has been closed. Secret passage was used to move the art to Wales. During the war the gallery building was bombed, but was not seriously damaged.

The National Gallery does not charge any fees for entry and you can go for free to watch a unique art. The gallery is open every day from 10am - 6pm, Friday 10am - 9pm. It is closed 1 January and 24-26 December. Additionally paid are temporary exhibitions that are held in the gallery. You can use audio tours and interesting themed trails. There are also souvenirs, books and prints and you can find something to eat and drink. For more information about the National Gallery in London's check its website – you can read more about its exhibits, history and visiting.

The National Gallery
Trafalgar Square
London WC2N 5DN