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Rock Star Sushi Bar

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Rock Star Sushi Bar photo
Rock Star Sushi Bar is one of the most popular and most recommended sushi bars in London. When you want to taste this delicacy from the Far East, it is the best direction – certainly you'll be completely satisfied not only with unique flavors, but also the atmosphere and service at this restaurant. It is worth to reserve a table in advance to be sure that it will be waiting for you on the stipulated day. Take your friends or family on an extraordinary culinary journey to Rock Star Sushi Bar, and you will certainly still come back often to taste again the best sushi in town.

The restaurant is located at the Watermill Way in Merton Abbey Mills – a former textile factory, in the parish of Merton in London. Today it is a modern center where there are many shops, restaurants and bars. Here you can still admire the historic buildings of the former factory and the area encourages a friendly and lively atmosphere to celebrate.

Rock Star Sushi Bar is the perfect place for any amateur of sushi. Also it is a great start for a meeting with sushi, if you have never had the opportunity to try it. Chef of the restaurant has over 15 years of experience in preparing sushi and began his career at the age of 17 years. Since then his passion continues to grow and now he owns the restaurant Rock Star Sushi Bar. Its main objective is to offer the highest quality sushi at affordable prices in a family-friendly environment, where everyone will be able to spend their free time. Customer satisfaction is always important here, so if you fancy a delicious sushi, do not wait any longer and make your reservations and visit Rock Star Sushi Bar.

The menu has many different types of sushi and other types of dishes with the freshest fish and other ingredients. You can be sure that you eat here only the best products. Also, the chef prepares his own soy sauce! The food looks great and tastes great. The restaurant offers classic sushi and interesting novelties that are worth a try. Also on the menu you will find all kinds of meats, salads and various desserts. In addition, you can order delicious drinks with sake and real green tea. Many dishes are based on traditional recipes Japanese, so you can here have a closer look at this wonderful kitchen. With Rock Star Sushi Bar it can become your favorite!

Rock Star Sushi Bar is a small restaurant, so if you want to be sure that there is a place for you, do book in advance. Reservations are now available online and can be performed it directly on the website.

When you are looking for a place in London where you can eat real sushi, Rock Star Sushi Bar is the best direction. Great dishes prepared with the finest ingredients and a cozy atmosphere make this restaurant a special place – you will never forget it and often returns to it in order to again taste its unusual dishes.

Rock Star Sushi Bar
Unit 5, Merton Abbey Mills
Watermill Way, London SW19 2RD
Tel.: +44 7473 100008