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The Angel Inn

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The Angel Inn photo
The Angel Inn is a cozy little pub just outside downtown London, but certainly it is also worth a visit. All the guests here can feel its unique atmosphere, choose from a wide selection of spirits and fine food. This is a traditional English pub, which will delight you with its eccentricity, character and entertainment – you can participate in various events, listen to live music and find here many other activities with your friends. You can also arrange various events – they will undoubtedly be unforgettable!

The pub is located on top of a hill in Highgate village in the north side of London. At this place there are such interesting highlights as Highgate Cemetery, Highgate Wood, Highgate School and Kenwood House. Pub is located near Kentish Town, Crouch End or Archway Road, also near Lauderdale House and Hampstead Heath. This area of the city center can be reached by bus or metro. Such a great location makes The Angel Inn worth a visit for lunch, dinner or a pint of beer when you are nearby or want to try something new.

The Angel Inn is known particularly for its wide range of fine spirits – beer on tap and in bottles, whiskey, wine, drinks and other specialties from almost all over the world. Pub is acknowledged primarily for its beer – five different types but from the cask are always waiting for the guests You can enjoy local specialties from small breweries and famous beers from around the world. Devotees of this drink can taste beers from countries such as Belgium, German and America. Of course, there are also various seasonal beers that change during the year so that the visitors always are able to find something interesting here. Tuesdays is a time for wine club – then you can enjoy a variety of alcohols of this kind. Here you can also have the popular Bloody Mary, and in the summer delicious soft drinks. Also, The Angel Inn has a wide range of different delicious dishes. The menu features classic pub dishes like fish and chips, sausages, burgers. Roasts are held on Sundays, so is the perfect time for delicious food – the roasts are known throughout the neighborhood and loved by local customers. You can choose from a wide range of meats in tasty gravies, dishes for vegetarians, also Yorkshire puddings.

In the pub, you can also arrange various events such as office parties, family celebrations, birthdays and many more when you are looking for a chic place. Employees ensure the highest possible service and will prepare a memorable event for the guests. More information can be found on the website of the pub.

The Angel Inn is a cozy little pub with an outstanding character, which is waiting for all who are in the north of London. A wide range of fine spirits, including beer, delicious homemade food and the friendly and helpful staff make it worth a visit.

The Angel Inn
37 Highgate High Street
Highgate, London, N6 5JT
Tel.: 020 8341 5913