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The Mayflower

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The Mayflower photo
The Mayflower is a traditional British pub, which is famous for its rich history and delicious beers and food. Just be entering here you can feel like you have stepped into a time machine – for sure this place will appeal to people looking for a cozy and fun place to celebrate together with friends or family. Due to its offer and atmosphere of The Mayflower Pub is often recommended and has a lot of positive feedback. It is also an award-winning place and is featured in various rankings, so when visiting London definitely it is worth a try!

Pub is located in the district of Rotherhithe, which is located in southeast London and is a part of the London Borough of Southwark. It occupies a scenic peninsula on the southern shores of the River Thames. In the past, the area was the site a busy port from Elizabethan times until the twentieth century. Now it's a beautiful neighborhood that is a perfect for walks and relaxation. During your meetings, you can visit The Mayflower Pub and drink some delicious beer and eat something wonderful.

The Mayflower offers a variety of delicious food and drink for each of its guests. You can choose from a wide range of traditional ales, as well as a variety of wines and spirits. It has both traditional and popular beers in these parts, also those from other countries, as well as new and completely unknown, which are produced by local breweries from England. Seasonal beer selection is constantly changing, so you can always find here something delicious. Worth a try is the Mayflower Scurvy – Malta Traditional Best Bitter, but there are also waiting classics such as Guinness, Staropramen, Noble, Kronenbourg, Amstel.

Furthermore the pub is known for its delicious cuisine – you can enjoy both classic British cuisine and fine modern cuisine. Noteworthy among other things are the steaks, burgers, Pies of the Day. Also The Mayflower pub is known for its wide variety of cheeses – try the entire board of Irish and Welsh ones. There is a wide range of vegetarian dishes. In addition, there are also numerous desserts – tarts, crumble, brulee, ice cream.

Twice a month, you can listen to live music – Nathan Osgood Trio blues band is playing. Information on the performance’s dates can be found on the website of the pub.

The Mayflower Pub can also be a great place for organizing different events – on the first floor it has a large restaurant for 60 people. From its windows you can see beautiful panorama of the river Thames. There are also cozy and smaller aeas for those who want to arrange a party for about 20 people.

The Mayflower, therefore, not without a reason, is a great place for anyone looking for relaxation, good food and a pint of beer. If you would like to visit The Mayflower, make a reservation, so then you can be sure that the table will be waiting for you. Booking can be done easily via the Internet, simply fill out the form at the pub.

The Mayflower
117 Rotherhithe Street
London SE16 4NF
Tel.: 020 7237 4088