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Tower Bridge

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Tower Bridge photo
Tower Bridge is undoubtedly the most famous bridge in London – it is also a symbol of the city and is considered a symbol of England. As a tourist you should see it not only during the day but also at night when it is beautifully illuminated. Currently at Tower Bridge you can watch exhibitions and walk the glass floor to see it underneath, therefore, on your visit you should save the time to experience it. Tower Bridge is located in the London Borough of Southwark.

Tower Bridge is a drawbridge located across the Thames near the Tower of London – the palace and defensive structures belonging to the monarchs of England. Do not confuse Tower Bridge from London Bridge, which, moreover, is quite different from it. Tower Bridge is distinguished by its Victorian style, it was built in the nineteenth century, specifically its history began in 1872, when the English parliament start exploring a project to build a new bridge in the city. Although many reservations have been reported, however the construction of the bridge was enacted. One of the conditions was its match in terms of style to the castle Tower of London. The bridge was designed by sir Horace Jones. A steel skeleton structure, which was encased in stone was used. The bridge which is 244 meters long was given a neo-Gothic architectural style. Construction was completed in 1894. The original bridge had a beige color, but in the seventies it was repainted to the colors red, white and blue to honor the anniversary of the coronation of Elizabeth II.

The bridge has two characteristic main towers that are connected by a footbridge situated 34 meters above the roadway below. Is a popular vantage point from which you can see many other monuments in London. Tower Bridge is a drawbridge, which allows the underneath passage of ocean-going vessels of a height of about 40 meters above the water level. Two large wings of the Tower Bridge can be lifted up, so the ships can pass. At its time it was a true masterpiece of technology, and today also impresses with its design.

Currently Tower Bridge is a popular tourist attraction and every year millions of tourists come here. You should not only see it from the distance, but also up close. Noteworthy above all is the new glass floor – you can see the cars and ships below! It is worth to be on the footbridge when the bridge is raised – is an extraordinary sight. You can also see here the Victorian Engine Rooms to learn more about the operation of the drawbridge – one of the most famous in the world. Also worth seeing is the bridge in action, when lifting it. On the website of Tower Bridge you will find detailed information on the time of raising and lowering the bridge for specific vessels. Also on the website you can learn a lot more about the bridge and buy tickets online to get an additional discount

Tower Bridge is one of the most important monuments and tourist attractions of London. Thanks to the modern glass floor the experience is even better!

Tower Bridge
Tower Bridge Road
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